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On delivery day

This page answers some common questions relating to tree delivery days.

Your tree will arrive between 8am and 6pm, unless you’ve ordered Priority Delivery (in which case it will arrive before 12pm). Unfortunately, due to delivering so many trees, we can’t give you an estimated time beyond this.

If you’re out when we arrive, we’ll leave your tree (and any other products you’ve ordered) outside your property in an appropriate place, at your own risk. Our delivery teams will have any special instructions provided by you with your order, to help with this.

If your tree hasn’t arrived by 6pm, please call us on the number supplied in your order confirmation email.

If you need to contact us urgently during the delivery day you can call the delivery coordinator direct on the number in your order confirmation email. Note this number is for specific delivery enquiries relating to this day only and will not be available on any other day - for any other general enquiries please email us. 
If there’s anything you’re not happy about with your tree, please call us immediately (on your delivery day) on the number supplied in your order confirmation email. Please remember the tree sizes follow the guidelines in our size guide so be sure to check that first if you've got a query about the size of tree you have received.

Don’t forget that if you haven't already, you can also order tree recycling here, if you’d like us to collect and recycle your tree in January. You can order Tree Recycling up until the end of December, if you forget to add it when you first buy your tree. 

Thank you for supporting 1st Hersham Scout Troop B and our Christmas Tree service!